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Putting a face with the name 

Steve Martins owner/operator (above)


Our Lures

Over the years, we have spent countless hours designing, creating, and testing our products. Putting pen to paper, and turning dreams into reality. All of our products are hand made in the United States! Every lure is inspected for quality before leaving our shop. 

Behind every design feature is a purpose. From the skirt material to the lure shape, it's all put together meticulously to ensure the lure performs properly. We designed our products for technique-specific applications, to help you catch more fish. Our mission is to produce unique, quality lures in natural and effective colors that outperform the competition.


Where it all started

In 2007, I was inspired by the man in the photo above, Todd Wysmuler. Todd worked in a local bait and tackle store where I grew up. Todd is well known for his success in his bass fishing career as well as for his former business Toads Tackle Shack. We had become friends through fishing tackle and eventually went on to compete against each other in fishing tournaments years later. From the first jig he made for me,I was instantly hooked. I knew from that point on, I was no longer going to have to buy several different baits, just to get one close to what I really wanted. After several years of building my own tackle and with Todd's inspiration, I wanted to give bass fisherman a quality product in the colors and styles that they want.

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